Jestony German Shepherds have gone International !!



Here at Jestony, we have over the many years of breeding, only ever strived to better and improve on this magnificent and noble breed, and as such our unrivalled excellent reputation has reached far and wide !!....Here you will see the puppies that we have exported overseas, to the best of homes possible including to highly regarded, wellknown German Shepherd breeders with the same goals as us.





White male puppy exported to Egypt to Egyptian Diplomat.




Blue & Gold male puppy exported to a lovely family ( dad a top surgeon in England ) in Jordan.




Two female puppies ( 1 Blue & Gold and 1 Cream Sable ) exported to a lovely family in France.




One male puppy ( Gold Sable ) and one female puppy ( Blue & Silver ) exported to a wellknown breeder in Holland and both pups can be seen here: