Twiggy (Jestony Caramella Brownie) is now 7.5 years old. She is an absolute beautiful dog, always gets attention when out. Very assertive, protective and obedient. Twiggy has welcomed my three children into the world and you can see the pack mentality as she guards and protectes them when out in the park. We have had no health issues, I wish I could stop the clock and keep her with me forever. She really is a special girl. Looks just like her brother Errol.
My Sadie (Jestony Silver Storm) is now nearly 10 years old and is still fit, well and healthy. her recent vet check up shows her hips/heart/lungs etc etc are strong and she is in excellent health. She is my soul mate and we love her with all our hearts. Thank you for my beautiful girl.
Collected Jestony Sunnygirl Kelly 6 weeks ago.
She is a part of the family now and is a bundle of fun
We welcomed the gorgeous Cosmo into our lives this year and will never look back! Absolute gem of a dog, so affectionate and has come so far since we first took him on! I can never thank you enough for such a handsome boy, everyone comments on his rare colour and appearance often mistaking him for a crossbreed!
My Sadie ( Jestony Silver Storm) is now nearly 7 years old. She is the most beautiful, happy and wonderful dog. I could not ever imagine my life without my wonderful girl. I am so blessed to have her.
Collected our gorgeous boy in August 2015 - this is our families 4th GSD and he is so different - truly is amazing! So smart, picking up tricks and 'good' behaviour immediately, wonderful temperament! He is a blue and tanned pup, attracting alot of attention as we walk, loves a good pat and friendly with children and other pups he sees! Couldnt be happier!
What truly beautiful dogs ! A credit to you absolutely stunning .
Our 2 lovely new additions to our family and breeding program, Jestonys Sweet Coco Chanel (CoCo) & Jestonys Sasha Azzura (Sasha) arrived on Monday, having flown to USA, via a stop over in Amsterdam. They arrived in all their glory, a beautiful credit to Jessicas wonderful breeding program. Everyone who set eyes on them along the way, and since, have been astounded to their beautiful colours (Short Haired Blue Sable and Long Haired Blue) and fantastic, happy and sociable personalities. They are 12 weeks today. We are looking forward to many years of happy times, watching them grow and mature into the incredible dogs I know they will become. Thank you so much Jessica for having such integrity with your breeding program and keeping this wonderful breed the way it should be.
Jestony Caramella Brownie (Twiggy) is our beautiful liver with tan markings. Just turned 11 months old and growing into a intelligent, caring and loyal family member. Twig's is well known locally due to her being different to the other GSD's and often mistaken for being a cross breed?! Everyone approaches us to meet her and talk about her! She really is a special girl. She loves water and had her first foreign visit in August to France where she loved visiting the lakes where she enjoyed swimming. Jestony will be our preferred choice for all future family members and we hope to add another in the next year.
Caesar (Jestony Caesar the Great) will be six months old over the next couple of days, and what a dog he is! Everywhere we go, people know him and say hello to him. Everyone admires his striking good looks and fabulous temperament. He enjoys meeting other dogs, but most of all he loves his ball - football or tennis ball, he's not fussy. But most of all, he loves his family - his "sister", Poppy the lurcher, and his mum in particular! He adores fruit, too - he'll do anything for a piece of banana or orange. He's our first GSD, but I'm pretty sure he won't be our last. :)
Caesar (Jestony Caesar the Great) will be six months old over the next couple of days, and what a dog he is! Everywhere we go, people know him and say hello to him. Everyone admires his striking good looks and fabulous temperament. He enjoys meeting other dogs, but most of all he loves his ball - football or tennis ball, he's not fussy. But most of all, he loves his family - his "sister", Poppy the lurcher, and his mum in particular! He adores fruit, too - he'll do anything for a piece of banana or orange. He's our first GSD, but I'm pretty sure he won't be our last. :)
Jackson will be 7 months on 8th May and weighs a hefty 37kg! His colours have changed month by month and he now has a beautiful glossy black and golden honey coat. We get stopped and he gets admired everywhere we go - he's a well-known, popular dog in our village and doggy neighbours are following his progress with great interest. He is friendly with humans and dogs, into everything, and loves a game of ball, football and fetch. He's doing well at puppy training - Jestony pups are amazingly intelligent as well as handsome!
9.2.13 Collected Jackson 5th December born 8th October, four months old yesterday. Beautiful boy, well and truly one of the family. As others have said here walks take ages because everyone stops us to comment on his fantastic looks and unusual colours and wonderful coat. We have passed your details to quite a few people who have admired him. He was house-trained in less than two weeks and used the garden not newspaper or pads, he's very willful but has learnt sit, down and paw already. Loves his walks and is an excellent catcher of the tennis ball. He's absolutely huge already! Thank you.
We got our lovely boy last November 2011 Jestony Golden Pride (son of Breeze & Storm) We named him Max . He has grown into a beautiful boy & followed me arround from day one .He is very loyal to his family & also accepting once he knows who friends are . He was quite a nervous boy to begin with but our cheeky 6 year old Jack Russell Lucy took him under her wing instantly & loved him like her own pup - They are a very odd Mum & Son but love each other very much . I constantly get stopped by passing admirers commenting on how beautiful he is . He's a very intelligent clever boy who learns extremely fast & loves us as much as we love him . Thank you for such a beautiful pup who is growing into a wonderful companion. Dinah XXX
We are the very happy and proud owners of Jestony Eis Grigio Azzurro. He is now 6 months old and we couldn't have hoped for a better dog. Apart from his colours, his temperament is just what a GSD should be, loyal to his family and accepting of others once he knows they are 'friends'. He can meet any dog out walking off the lead and has understood which don't want to play and which do, training has been straightforward, he is intelligent and has learnt quickly. This sort of dog can only come from breeders of high calibre. So thank you Jessica and Tony, the only thing I could niggle about is how long walks take as people stop us all the time in admiration of Eis, some even ask for a photo of him! All the best for the future litters and to those future lucky owners of a Jestony pup!! Emma B
We got our gorgeous pup Rio from Jestony just under a year ago, this post is long over due, id just like to thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to take home one of your pack. he's a very quick learner, very sharp and the perfect pet, hes perfect with children and great with guests once he determines them not to be a threat! Also the amount of compliments we get is amazing he has the same coat as skye!
I have trained one of your stunning pups last year and now I am training another stunning boy Tyson, at my training centre in lewes. east sussex. he is superb nature and adores his training , very quick to learn .
I shall not hesitate to contact you when I want a gsd,
temprements to die for.

regards janet. oliver.
Hi jess
I would like to thank you for our wonderful puppy Mia who is now 5 months old. She is so intelligent and quick to learn. We are always being asked where we purchased her from and I have no hesitation in telling them. She is a beautiful looking girl and we could not have wished for a better puppy so once again thank you and I would recommend anyone to purchase their GSDpuppy from you.
Best wishes
Lind and Doug
Hi,Just like to say your babies are stunning,We have one of your Grandsons Merlin a cream sable beautiful boy. Will come to you if we ever want another puppy your dogs are just gorgeous,Well done..looking forward to next year when hopefully Merlin will become a dad(fingers crossed).Thank You for such a fantastic boy. Jean x
Dear Jess & Tony,
I take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful puppy (KURO) you brought into our lives. She's been full of mischief & headstrong right from the very start, but an absolute pleasure to be around.
We couldnt walk a few steps before being stopped by passer-bys to stroke KURO & remark how gorgeous she was (well, i guess its in the Jesstony genes ;) ); now people think twice to even look at her ;)) - shes grown to almost her adult size, and only close to a year old.
She is of sound temperament, friendly to people we know, and good with children. She is quite bright at learning & obeys command (most of the time ! )
Without a shadow of doubt, i would recommend a Jesstony puppy to anyone who asks.
Regards, Orval & Avril (N.Lincolnshire)
Hi jessica and jestony gang wishing you a merry christmas and all the best for 2012 xx
Hi Jessica, just wanted to write a note to say a huge thanks again for our beautiful new puppy Zayn who is adorable. (Zayn - Jestony The Gladiator). Along with our beautiful white boy George (Jestony Diamond Ice) who is now 7years old. Keep up the good breeding of such wonderful puppies. Melanie Wingrove.
Hai Jessica, Just wanted to say that I love Jackie and Jones. They are great.
Thank you Jessica for such a lovely puppy,sapphire is a real bundle of joy,grandchildren love her to bits.I can't imagine life without her,fate brought us together it is always a joy telling people where I got her from,
A huge thank-you to you jessica for the puppy i brought from yourself, jestony miss majestic (MISSY). She is a bundle of joy my absoulute shaddow, She is now just a year old and is out of this world, we love her so much- Great with my 3yo son who at times i would say drives her mental, yet she always has time for him. She loves him dearly. Also a dream around the stable yard with the horses she even is good at hearding the ones i cant catch lol. So again a big thankyou if ever i decide to get anouther dog i would only ever come to yourself, you do a fantastic job. can not thank you enough x x x hayley,
what a wonderful website,what fantastic dogs you have
Dear Jessica,
Our Baxter is now 6 months old and such a delight! Son of Dortmundline Blue Rhino at Jestony and Aristima Blue Mystery, he looks like his dad in colouring and has his mums face and her eye colouring. He is a real beauty and has a wonderful temperament. Thank you for him! As discussed in my email and thank you for your prompt response we will be looking to continue the lineage when Baxter is ready, as said would be a shame not to! We'll keep in touch with his progress.

Sam & Steve
Congratsulations on the gorgeous Storm's hipscore he has turned in to a stunning young man his brother shadow is being scored this week fingers crossed he does just aswell. we wish you all the best for the future
Great website, loving Storm what a handsom chap
Hi Jess It was lovely talking to you the other day. Congratulations on Kira's Hip Score. All the best for your future plans. Regards Nigel & Lorrraine
hi well its been nearly six months since we picked up lexi and she is beautiful, very socialable and loves to work, she is starting to learn basic agility and has jumped from puppy class up to the top obedience class, she is very clever and loves to learn. she looks more like her mum every day and is much whiter then she was as a puppy.
thanks for a beautiful puppy
raquel and the hartley family
Just a short note to say - great website, definately will bookmark it for my next GSD x
Hi jess this is elaine i am so pleased that i came to u when i was lookin to buy a german shepherd mi bonnie is such a sound temperment and such lovely characters that she has filled that gap in our lives from wen we lost our bailey ur puppies r gorgeous and as from someone that purchased a puppy from ur selfs i would recommend to anybody out there lookin to purchase a german sheperd to go to yourselves
hi jessi just want to wish you all a merry christmas and all the best for 2011
Hi Jessica

Your dogs are stunning and you should be very proud of them! They have certainly entertained me today - coming from a very snowy area in Surrey.

Take care and best wishes
Lisa x
Hi Jessica, Well Smokey is just over a year old now and as you can see from the photos I sent you, he is beautiful. I take him to training classes and he is doing really well. He gets on well with other dogs and people, he is also a very good guard dog and is very protective of his family and property. He certainly keeps me fit we walk miles. I am so glad I got him he has become my best friend and we all love him to bits. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is thinking of getting a German Shepherd.
Hi Jessica - Ebony is now 8 months and is stunning, standing to her shoulder at 24". Although she was mostly black with a little gold as a puppy she is now black and gold (somebody laughed at her name today and said well she is half ebony!). We have lovely comments about her beauty. I have found that her temperament is rather nervous despite a lot of socializing and training classes but she is a lovely companion and we love her to bits.
Hi Jess... Well my Sadie (Jestony silver storm) Is now 18 months old has turned out to be the most beautiful dog you could imagine. She is loving, intelligent, easy to train and protective of everyone in the family(even the Jack Russell and the cat). Sadie guards our house wonderfully, but once we welcome people in Sadie loves them to death!!..Sadie is small in size but BIG in personallity and everyone stops to admire her beauty. Our Jack Russell loves her too and as much as he takes no nonsence from her he doesn't push his luck either. There is definitely mutual respect. I wanted to thank you for my beauful Sadie and will send you some pics of her, Take care x
hi jessica your dogs are just stunning,great web site cannot wait to be a jestony pup owner take care sue
Hi Jessica
Just discovered your fantastic website while looking to see if you have a suitable pup available as a companion for Blue (Jestony Snow Storm), my wonderful companion of 21/2 years.
As you know he has grown into the most amazing looking dog. In fact, I can honestly say when I'm walking him in our local woods, not a day goes by when someone doesn't stop me to compliment him, (even other GSD owners!) He has the most beautiful long, thick creamy white coat with a hint of gold, a strong head with distinctive hazel coloured eyes and wonderful blue nose and pad leather. I would like to thank you so much for bringing him into my life.
Anyone contemplating bying a GSD puppy could not do better than purchasing a Jestony pup.
Hi Jess,
It's very true, you do breed wonderful dogs! Skye (Jestony Castaspell) is now 4. It would have been easier if we had just named her georgous as that's what everyone calls her. She's loving, protective, intelligent and a great running partner. What an amazing dog! Thank you. Susanne & Paul
Hello Jess
What a wonderful, large boned, chunky monkey Weller has turned out to be, he weighs in a 44kg at just 9 months old. Hopefully he will become a stud dog for my pack of GSD's. He has the most amazing coat texture and colour and he has excelled in his training and is the most calmest boy ever. I have a list as long as my arm of people that want 'litte Weller's'. Looking forward to meeting you on day. Andrea x
Hi Jess , first of all , thank you for macking such a great web site , thank you so much for let me had the most georgeous dog that I have ever had in my life ...Maddy.. . She is the most playfull , smart and protective dog I came across . We love her so much we can't wait to be with her . Once again , THANK YOU . I will take her to you one off these days . (sorry for the spelling ) .
Hi Jess, I have taken Shala (Jestony Ruby Blue) out for a walk & the amount of people who have come up to me & commented on how she is the best looking German Shepherd they have ever seen is amazing. She is truly beautiful & such a bundle of fun. I cannot remember life without her. Keep up the good work in breeding such wonderful dogs.
Andy Critchell
Hi jess, I love the new website,.. You have very lovely dogs, and I love the dog you sold me Sky Rocket, Also he is a very good friend and a excellent protecter.
Keep up the good work.
Luis Machado
hi seen your site of junes very nice and lovely dogs and stunning pups keep up the good work if you wont to swap banners email me will be calling back soon melissa
love the new website,you have done a good job,the dogs look lovely,you have some exciting litters coming this year.
good luck with your plans from us at Aristima
hi jess youre site is looking good youre dogs are beautiful ,i enjoyed having a look around good luck with 2010 ,from all here at turnwill xxxxxx
Hi jess ,Love ur new site ,u have some stunning pic's of ur beautiful dogs .and puppies .,catch u soon mate ,jayne @ Canipervita x